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Organising & Celebrating A Christening

Christening gifts, godparents, hymns, the church service. Whatever you need this website will help you plan the Christening of your child along with giving suggestions for christening gifts from the godparents and the guests.

We have Christening information on the left of the page and gifts on the right for easy browsing around the website which we hope you find useful in planning the big day for your child.

Christening gifts we suggest include pages on Christening silver, pewter, money boxes, keepsakes, albums and frames. Christening plates and china are also fantastic either from guests or godparents.

With regard to planning we have pages on hymns, prayers, choosing a church for the christening and the service itself. We also have an extensive Questions and Answers page that we hope will help.

Getting your child christened is a public acknowledgement that the child has received God's unconditional love. That is not to say, of course, that God does not love the child unconditionally prior to the ceremony. Rather, it is a formal acknowledgement of the unconditional love God has for all of us.
It is also a chance to formally and publicly join friends, family and church in thanking God for the gift of your child's birth and life, followed by celebration and rejoicing for that life with friends and family that are going to be a part of that child's life as he or she grows up.

With all the work and energy that goes in to parenting over those first months or years this may be the first time that all the relatives and friends have got together.
They are all there to see your child being Christened and so the day is looked forward to and enjoyed but also needs quite a bit of planning.

As you can see, although we offer many different ideas for Christening gifts, we also try to give all the information possible for you to plan the special event that is your childs Christening.

There is a Church Directory, suggestions for hymns, readings and prayers, details of the services normally offered by C of E and Catholic Churches along with helpful information about the different types of churches found in the UK and how services may differ.

You will also find your questions answered about why you may or indeed, may not want to get your child Christened along with suggestions for other services such as Naming Ceremonies which celebrate your child's life without religious meaning.

Mentioning godparents, we have a page especially for them, giving details of what they should consider once accepting this important job and on what will be asked of them throughout the service and beyond into the live of the child they are the godparent of. It also suggests some traditional gifts that godparents might want to give at the child and presents for godparents from the parents of the child being Christened.

Although we have based this website on the Christening service which is traditionally a Christian service we have also looked at other religions and cultures and seen how they celebrate bringing a new child in to the world.
We hope that you enjoy the website and find it useful when planning to have your child christened. We also hope that you will suggest our Christening gift pages to friends and family so they can have a reliable and secure place to buy for your child and other christenings in the future.

If you feel we can be of help in any other areas or would like to offer your own advice to people considering and planning a Christening please feel free to contact us via our Contact Page.
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